The Payant API let's you access all the features you use from your dashboard through a beautiful RESTful API that is easy to extend and sync with your database.

Before you start reading the documentation, you should Create a Demo Account and obtain your test API keys from your demo account Settings.

While testing our API, use as your base url.

Remember that all request to the API must be via https.

Test Accounts

To setup your account on Payant Demo, use your real account details. No real funds will not be remitted to your account.

Test Cards

All your transactions while on Payant Demo should be processed using this demo cards.


Card Number: 5438 8980 1456 0229

Expiry details: 09/19

CVV: 789

PIN: 3310

OTP: 12345


Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiry details: 01/19

CVV: 812

OTP: 12345